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Stay Connected With Your Customers Through Social Media

If you’re a business owner, you’ve likely heard all the hype over social media marketing. These days, it’s almost unthinkable to run a business without using social media profiles. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—these are all invaluable tools at the disposal of a company that wants to maintain a strong brand.

But how specifically is social media useful to a business? You can’t just post anything you want and expect viewers to flock to you—extra effort needs to be put in to target your social media usage effectively. Likes and follows mean nothing unless your followers actually click through to your site or otherwise engage with your business.

Frontier Marketing is experienced in managing social media profiles, and we can help. Here’s how.

Relationship Building Through Customer Engagement

relationship-building-with-social-mediaCommunication with customers used to be a one-way highway. Businesses would blast out their promotional posts, and that would be as far as social media went.

All that has changed. Now, with the abundance of social platforms to choose from, customers are reaching out to companies to voice both compliments and grievances.

As a result, social media is an integral part of your customer service. Trends are indicating that people are more likely to voice concerns about a product or service through company social channels rather than email or telephone.

Couple this with the rising expectations of customer care by consumers and the public nature of social media, and businesses simply cannot afford to ignore social channels and internet presence anymore. When people post criticisms of your business on social media and you respond negatively or fail to respond at all, this is just the same as lashing out or hanging up on a customer over the phone—except that it’s out in the open for everyone else to see.

Because of this, a missed customer complaint has the potential to turn a loyal customer into your worst critic.

On the other hand though, social media can be a hugely positive thing for your company. By interacting with customers on social media, you can give the sense of being open, honest, and responsive. Customers like when you engage with them, and your willingness to do so will be rewarded with loyalty. In fact, 53% of Americans who follow brands on social media are more loyal to those brands.

What this also means, though, is that you need to have social media experts at your disposal who can do that engagement every day, and know how to do it effectively.

Social Media Boosts Other Strategies

social-media-part-of-internet-marketingOne of the other important ways that social media benefits you is how it interacts with your other marketing strategies.

Your profiles can be leveraged with other forms of traditional marketing by sharing your original web content, collecting customer information, offering promotions, and other methods that build your brand. This can allow an organization to expand their reach to an audience without significantly increasing budget costs—you already created all that content, social media is just a way of getting it out there.

Posts on a page even have the potential to go viral when customers share and interact with them. And the best way to increase the likelihood of posts going viral is creating and distributing quality content.

So, if the key to effective social media usage is knowing how to interact with your customer base, as well as creating and promoting quality content, then what you need is a social media team that understands the best practices for managing your social media profiles.

Here at Frontier Marketing, we have just such a team. The experts that will manage your profiles specialize in online marketing and have the specialized professional experience to make your social media profiles generate not just likes and follows, but leads and conversions as well.

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