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Get Your Message Out with Marketing for Nonprofits

For a lot of people, working at a nonprofit organization is a way of pursuing work they want to do in order to make a difference, rather than to make a profit. So, if the purpose isn’t profit, marketing can seem irrelevant or even something to avoid. The reality though is that marketing is a key part of building and maintaining a nonprofit’s ability to work for the cause that it serves.

It used to be that nonprofit organizations like charities would never market themselves—marketing and branding were seen as evidence of an organization’s corruption, and would turn off people who see it as improper.

These days, that’s changed in a big way, for three main reasons: nonprofits now get less funding from the government, there are more nonprofits out there competing for the same limited resources, and funders increasingly pressure nonprofits to conduct themselves in a professional “businesslike” manner.

Therefore, marketing is essential to a nonprofit being able to keep doing what it does. That’s why Frontier Marketing is dedicated to helping local nonprofits by offering up its services. Here’s how Frontier can help.

What Does Marketing Do for Nonprofits?

Nonprofits are fundamentally unique from their for-profit counterparts for many reasons, but the most obvious is the core purpose of the organization. For-profit businesses are formed to create income for owners and their employees while nonprofits in Chicago generally exist for altruistic causes that benefit communities.

What remains the same though is that you need to raise awareness of what you do, and to persuade people to invest in your organization.

Largely, that’s accomplished with branding. While branding sounds like an exclusively corporate concept, many of the most well-known nonprofits earned their status as household names through good branding. The Red Cross, Green Peace, and the Make a Wish Foundation are all familiar to you because of marketing efforts that have built up their brand identity to be widely recognized and respected.

Another key part of marketing for nonprofits is online marketing, Frontier Marketing’s specialty. A well-designed online marketing strategy helps a nonprofit share its mission, build awareness, attract donors, and reinforce its credibility. Online marketing channels like email marketing and social media are increasingly used to help nonprofits build and maintain relationships while getting their message out.

Why Frontier Marketing Is Right for a Nonprofit

Most nonprofits, by nature, don’t have the resources to mount extensive marketing campaigns on their own. That’s where Frontier Marketing comes in—Frontier has a long history with nonprofits as well as the technical know-how to run an effective marketing operation.

Joe Bongiovanni, CEO and Founder of Frontier Marketing, began his journey in the Illinois nonprofit sector nearly 10 years ago with the Knights of Columbus. He built on this experience while at Northern Illinois University by taking on leadership and development roles in a wide variety of on-campus organizations. Joe is also a founding board member of New Directions Addiction Recovery Services (NDARS), serves as Marketing Director for the Chicago Gateway Green Associate Board, and is Public Relations Director for the Knights of Columbus Council 11091.

Because of that history, Joe and the rest of the Frontier Marketing team understand how to get to know a nonprofit’s values and put together a marketing strategy that works for their specific goals. Frontier has the skills to get it done, too.

Frontier Marketing has been responsible for consulting all kinds of Chicago nonprofits in developing, establishing, and maintaining marketing strategies. The successes achieved through these Nonprofit Consulting services have grown with Frontier’s commitment to understanding and participating in the nonprofits it works with. It’s crucial that the Frontier team intimately understands clients’ objectives and needs, to be able to then create a plan that is designed for long-term, sustainable growth.

Frontier likes to help in any way that it can, and so offers a particularly broad range of services for nonprofits to consider. Previous work has included, but is not limited to:

  • Marketing Strategy
  • Organizational Development
  • Social Media
  • Digital & Traditional Marketing
  • Event Planning
  • Video Production
  • Photography
  • Web Development
  • Multimedia Design

If you think your nonprofit could stand to benefit from a marketing boost, or would like to schedule a consultation to discuss any of our services, give Frontier Marketing a call. Frontier is always happy to lend our expertise to a good cause.

Does your organization have the marketing strategy it needs for success?