Stay On Top Of What Customers Are Saying About You

A business’s image is everything—whether or not people trust it, whether or not people relate to it, and whether or not people think about it often, all has a big impact on how inclined they’ll be to go to that company with their business.

And the number one key to maintaining an image that people respect, relate to, and remember, is branding.

Branding is the process of using designs, names, and other marketing elements to differentiate yourself from the competition, to make a name for yourself and establish your company’s presence and identity.

But what are the specific reasons to pursue branding, and what’s the best way to do it?


Why Branding Is Important

Branding is all about changing the way people think about your company.

Effective branding makes your company memorable, professional, and trustworthy.

When you effectively use branding to imprint your company imagery across your marketing materials, your target audience will remember you better. You have a clear image, something to remember. You remember Pepsi, Facebook, and other large companies by their logos—and because these logos have been imprinted in your memory through their consistent and effective use, you’ll never forget them.

Having brand consistency also makes you seem professional. Creating uniformity in your image takes a lot of organization and effort, so a company that does this fundamentally seems more “put together” than a company with no clear brand.

That memorability and professionalism together makes you familiar, and familiarity breeds trustworthiness. In fact, when a consumer is faced with a choice, they tend to go with the brand they’re more familiar with, because this seems like the less risky choice. Over time, this process repeats, and the brand you’ve made for yourself generates loyalty in your customer base.

So, how do you start to effectively harness the power of branding?

Good Branding Starts With A Brand Guide

Brand guides are one of the most important marketing tools out there.

Your brand guide consists of a wide-ranging set of style guidelines that standardizes all of your company materials. This consistency not only helps you create a professional company image, but also streamlines your operations, builds your familiarity in the minds of customers, and lets you use design elements to tell stories and influence how people feel about you.

The things you get when you commission a brand guide with Frontier Marketing include logos, brand colors, typography, and more.


All of this is created specifically for your company by our very own in-house graphic designer. We consult with you to figure out the character of your company, the image you want to project, and how to most effectively convey that to your target audience.

Our team of professionals is well-versed in marketing, graphic design, and content writing. This means that your brand guide will look professional, contain all of the components in line with current best practices, and be accompanied by well-written content for the print materials that are included.

So if you’re ready to firmly establish a strong identity for your company, a brand guide from Frontier Marketing is the ideal first step.

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