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Frontier’s Services Form a Complete Marketing Strategy

While there are many useful channels for online marketing out there, from SEO to email marketing to ecommerce, no one of them will propel you to success on its own. To give your company the boost it truly needs, you need to build a complete marketing strategy that incorporates all the channels that will most effectively attract leads and conversions.

Frontier Marketing is a leader in online marketing, and offers a diverse selection of marketing services for you to choose from when assembling your marketing strategy. Have a look, and see how your business can benefit.

Web Design

Websites should be redesigned about once every three years, but designing a new website is often a balancing act. A website should be optimized for SEO to attract more viewers, but also intuitively designed to facilitate a user moving throughout the site and finding reason to stay and become a customer. Frontier Marketing puts a team of experts to work creating a website that does this all for you, employing web designers, content writers, and graphic designers.

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Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the specialty of Frontier Marketing. By optimizing your website and all your content to rank higher in search results on search engines like Google, this marketing channel provides the most long-term benefits of any other. SEO brings more viewers to your website and makes sure more of them find value and engage with the content presented, boosting both leads and conversions. This is far superior to pay-per-click (PPC) ads, which cost more, are rarely clicked on, and leave no lasting value after the ad expires. Because Google now changes its search algorithms more than 500 times per year though, you need a team of specialists to create an effective SEO strategy in line with current best practices, and Frontier is just the team you need.

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Social Media

It may seem that social media is simply free advertising, where you put out a message and wait for customers to show up. However, a successful social media strategy involves using social media both to interact with and respond to customers, and to integrate and promote the content produced through your other marketing channels. Frontier will manage your social media accounts in a way that’s consistent with best practices and most effectively promotes your brand.

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Graphic Design

Written content is important, but visual content has become indispensable to a good marketing strategy. The most prominent example is infographics, which have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years due to the ease with which they can be scanned for information and shared on social media. Frontier Marketing offers graphic design services including infographic subscriptions, social media graphics, branded PowerPoint presentations, as well as other print and web elements, so that you can take full advantage of the visual aspect of online communication.

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Images can communicate more than just text, and video can communicate more than just images. Video testimonials, “meet the staff” videos, and educational videos can all add value to your website in different ways. They let viewers see body language and hear vocal tone, establishing greater trust, and they provide significant SEO returns when optimized. Frontier Marketing has the equipment and background necessary to integrate video appropriately into your marketing strategy, produce quality footage, and optimize the videos when uploading.

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Reputation Management

For better or worse, the internet has largely become the place where reputations are built and destroyed. Positive internet attention can catapult a company to success, while negative reviews and criticisms can kill its real-life business. Frontier delivers reputation management services to help you navigate this new environment. This means managing reviews and responding social media attention in a way that highlights positive experiences, and turns complaints into opportunities to engage positively with customers and prove yourself to be receptive to criticism.

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Content Writing

Businesses with company blogs get 97% more inbound links and 67% more leads than ones without, and most consumers trust a company more after seeing custom-written content on their websites. This demonstrates just how big a difference a company blog can make. In addition to increasing traffic and building trust, monthly content from Frontier’s professional content writers also provides lasting SEO value that builds up exponentially over time.

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Consumers tend to go with brands they’re already familiar with. That’s why establishing a recognizable brand that differentiates you from your competition is so important. The best tool for branding is a brand guide, which Frontier Marketing uses to combine names, designs, colors, and other elements to create a consistent brand for your company.

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Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective and yet also one of the least well-utilized channels for online marketing. By using different email campaigns to promote different types of content or promotions, tracking how they do with email analytics, and integrating your email strategy with your SEO efforts, Frontier will help you get the most out of this often overlooked but highly valuable tool.

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A nonprofit organization may not be seeking profit, but marketing is still key to helping it grow. Strong branding allows a nonprofit to build name recognition and credibility, spread awareness about its mission, and share its vision to attract donors and volunteers. Frontier Marketing has a long history of involvement with nonprofits, and is fully prepared to provide a complete range of marketing services to nonprofits with a noble cause.

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Does your business need any of the marketing services above?