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Marketing your business is all about communication, but you may have heard at some point about how little communication is based on the words you use: only 7% is your word choice, while 23% is your tone of voice and 70% is your body language.

It makes sense then that being able to see that other 93% goes a long way in helping you decide to trust someone versus just seeing their words on a screen or a page. But how can you, the business owner, use that to your advantage?

The answer: video. It’s simply the best way to convey trust and emotion. That can mean big returns for your business if done right, and with our help your video uploads will be professionally planned to be of maximum benefit to your business.

But what will that look like?

Video’s Impact on Marketing

video-marketing-for-small-businessesOf course, you may be cautious. It seems like a lot more time and effort to shoot and edit a video for your website than it does to simply post your usual text-only posts. Is it worth it?

According to the research, yes. Video delivers huge marketing benefits, adding punch to your other marketing channels like search engine optimization and email marketing.

Research has found that adding a video to your website can make you up to 53 times more likely to rank on the first page of Google results. Of course, that’s “up to,” meaning you won’t get that result on your own by simply throwing any old video up somewhere on your site.

To maximize the impact it has on your SEO, your video needs to be optimized like any other kind of content. That means keywords, metadata, transcripts, sitemaps, and more.

Since Frontier Marketing specializes in search, we have the skills and tools at our disposal to make your video have as big an impact as possible by implementing all of those optimization methods.

But increasing SEO value isn’t the only way that video boosts your marketing strategy.

Studies show that users are 10 times more likely to engage with videos by sharing, commenting, or embedding them than they are with other text-only content on the same topic, like blog posts. It also doubles click-through rates when used in email marketing.

Different Types of Video for Different Purposes

Not all videos are the same though—there are all sorts of applications of video that allow you to target different marketing goals.

Videos that introduce the owner or the staff, or show off your facility, provide potential customers with a sense of openness and transparency.

Customer testimonial videos, meanwhile, lend extra legitimacy to your business that you don’t normally get from reviews left on online aggregators like Yelp. Being able to see the speaker really drives the point home that this is a real person talking about their experience.

Educational videos and seminars allow you to engage with people already interested in your industry, give newcomers a primer on what it is you do, or solve a specific problem that users are looking for an answer to.

Each of these has distinct benefits—and with the help of Frontier Marketing, you’ll know when each one is appropriate and how to make them effective.

Branded Editing and Script Writing

video-brandingNot every business is in the same situation though, and there are different starting points. No matter what yours is though, we’re equipped to handle it.

If you have raw footage, we can edit it into a professional branded video for you. That can include:

  • A watermark
  • A branded outro
  • Inclusion of contact info
  • Links to social media profiles
  • A call to action to convert viewers into customers

On the other hand, if you don’t have any footage and need help putting together how you want to present your company on video, we also offer script-writing services provided by a professional in-house content writer.

So whether you have anything already prepared or not, Frontier Marketing can develop professional video uploads for your company that boost your customer engagement and deliver measurable returns. Call in for a consultation, and let’s explore the possibilities together.

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