Did you know email marketing yields the highest ROI of any digital channel?

It’s true! While it might have been developed back in the 70’s, email still generates $38 on average for every $1 spent. Those are numbers that simply can’t be ignored! Certainly, it’s obvious that the role email plays in the success of your small business shouldn’t be underestimated.  At Frontier Marketing, we know exactly how important email is to any digital marketing strategy. Allow us to use our expertise to drive traffic to your site and send your conversion rates skyrocketing.

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Keep your customers engaged with your brand

Image of woman viewing responsive email marketing campaign on mobile device.Email gives you a direct link to a very important segment of your customer base: the ones who chose to opt-in. Your email subscribers expect to hear from you. If you do email marketing right, they will look forward to hearing from you.  Our experts will help you put together compelling email campaigns that won’t be sentenced to the junk folder!

Have full control over your campaigns

Some platforms, like many social media channels, only show your posts to a small percentage of your audience. Email, however, gives you complete access to communicate with your entire list of subscribers at any time. Unlike social media, email gives you even greater control over how your campaigns appear and who sees them.

Drive traffic to your site with valuable content

Consistently producing high-quality content is great. But you need more than just a solid publishing strategy to see results. Email marketing gives you tremendous freedom to share that content with your customers. We will help you select content that aligns with your business goals to increase your web traffic.

Boost your search rankings with strategic email marketing

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Popularity metrics heavily influence search algorithms. The longer users interact with your pages, the more authority search engines will place on them. Learn how to build email campaigns designed for the user-

Increase your open rates with A/B testing

How many unopened emails do you have sitting in your inbox? Don’t leave your open rates up to chance. Using A/B testing, we write subject lines that earn clicks and lead to conversions.

Receive full support every step of the way

At Frontier Marketing, you’re never alone! You will work closely with a dedicated project manager and local in-house support team. Together, we will craft an email marketing strategy tailored to your unique business needs.

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